Mansion Maniac (mansionmaniac) wrote in dreamingofwires,
Mansion Maniac

Jagged Icons

I'm very pumped for Numan's album, so much so, that I made some custom (and simple?) icons for it. I didn't have any characteristically jagged fonts, so I went with a font I downloaded long ago called 'Acidic', but I did make a good jagged effect with the words themselves. I quite like these icons myself (hence why I use it, haha), I just hope you guys do, too. There are two: one for the US release date, and one for the UK release date. I also inverted the black and whites on both, there's black on white, and an inverted version for those who like white on black.

If you enjoy them enough to add them to your collection, please credit me.

Also posted in gary__numan.
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