Mansion Maniac (mansionmaniac) wrote in dreamingofwires,
Mansion Maniac

The Race, on Sky One

If you may or may not be aware, Gary is totally taking place in the new Sky One show called "The Race", teaching 5 female and 5 male celebrities how to race, and then pitting them against each other. Starting on Monday, November 6th, a week and a half from now.

I am from America, and have absolutely no cable/satellite plan, and cannot afford one, but I've GOT to see this show. For the love of all that is Numan, PLEASE record this show and put it on a torrent, or find someone who can.
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Okay, I've got to see this. Unfortunately I don't live in the either, so I second the plea for torrents.
In the UK either. Hahaha. D'oh.
I live in the UK but I can't get Sky (wrong side of a hill or something). So I third the plea :p
I'm in Norway so I'll just have to fourth it. *sigh* I'll forward it, though, who knows...